M&K Sound

For more than three decades, M&K Sound has been held in the highest regard by the audio press, the film and music industries as well as by home users seeking the finest loudspeakers for music and home cinema.

IW Series

In-Wall speakers from M&K replicate their on wall counterparts with the same high quality sound reproduction synonymous with the brand. Coming in a range of sizes suitable for all home cinema installations, the M&K In-wall range offer a clutter free alternative for surround and atmos speaker placement, freeing up valuable space in your chosen home cinema location. The range includes the IW5, IW85, IW95, IC95, IW150, IW150T, IW300, IW950 speakers and the IW28S Subwoofer.


300 Series

The flagship range of on wall speakers, the 300 series from M&K offers exceptional clarity and low distortion to reveal more of the music and movies you love. Over 2 years of testing has gone into this range to ensure the optimum performance levels you would expect from a world leader in sound innovation. The 300 series comes in three flavours, S300, S300T and the MP300.


150 Series

Deceptively small, the 150 series from M&K offer an exceptional power to size ratio and are a fantastic alternative to the flagship 300 series. Meticulously designed to offer identical performance, each 150 speaker is tuned and crafted to offer pinpoint accuracy and excellent directional capabilities, placing you in the centre of the action of each and every film.


950 Series

Built for rooms that demand the highest performance, the stylish 950 series from M&K Sound are able to deliver a wide dynamic range with extremely low distortion levels that truly bring your home cinema experience to life. Offering either floor standing or wall mounted versions, expect no compromise from these unique speakers developed from over 40 years of experience in the field of sound. The 950 series consists of LCR950, SUR95T and the MP950 On-Wall speaker.


750 Series

750 series speakers from M&K are a joy to listen to, putting you firmly in the centre of the movie without adding any unwanted artifacts and leaving the sound exactly as the director intended. The phase focussed crossovers and expertly engineered midbass woofers offer a clear and precise audio playback, revered by many hence why the 750 series were the first product to receive the official THX approved certification. The 750 series includes the LCR750C, LCR750 and SUR55T range of speakers.


M Series

The M-Series loudspeakers from M&K adopt the exclusive phase focussed crossovers into their design, optimising the relationship between high and low frequencies from the speaker. This results in an exceptional clarity and depth from all playback sources and a three dimensional sound M&K is famous for. The M-series contain 4 models, M40T, M50, M70 and M90.



Arguably the best Subwoofers that you can buy for home cinema, M&K offer unparalleled performance in the reproduction of low frequencies. The X-series offers a dual woofer push-pull configuration ensuring a much bigger sound, defying the relative size of the cones. The V-series stems from the X-series and offers a more discreet yet powerful sound. 


Movie 5.1 System

The Movie 5.1 System from M&K Sound is the ultimate starter kit for your very own home cinema. Consisting of three LCR K50 speakers, two K40T surround speakers and a V8 subwoofer, this bundle is a no compromise, high quality surround sound solution to bring movies to life from the comfort of your own home.