Hi-Fi Speakers

Choosing the correct speakers is an important part of building your hi-fi system. In order to achieve the best musical experience there are a few considerations which we can help advise you on.

When choosing your speakers we know that aesthetics is a big consideration to any homeowner and enthusiast. Speakers can come in a variety of finishes but also shapes and sizes.


However before focusing on a finish it is first advised that you first consider your room size and even the acoustic properties.

Generally speaking standmount speakers will have less bass when compared to larger freestanding speakers and are more suited to smaller rooms. Although if you require more punch you can consider larger speakers or the addition of a subwoofer.

Like our taste in music we dont all enjoy the same genres or even tones and this is apparent when it comes to choosing your speakers as there can be a variety of different nuances and timbres.

Other considerations would be matching speakers to your amplifier.

When it comes to sound theres no one fits all solution which is why we work with numerous brands to offer multiple options. 

We can help put together a package to suit any budget from entry level Yamaha products to flagship Steinway Lyngorf systems