As well as home cinemas we offer installation and calibration of 2 channel stereo systems including custom install ceiling and in wall speakers in addition to traditional bookshelf and tower speakers. 

Components of a stereo system


The amplifier is essential for connecting your audio sources. Amplifiers can come intergrated or as seperates requiring a pre and power amplifier. There are two main types of amplifier analogue and digital. Analogue amplifiers tend to be warmer and more popular with traditionalists where as digital amplifiers offer increased efficiency and low distortion.


Most hi-fi loudspeakers are passive meaning they require power from the amplifier, however they can come inbuilt with amplifiers those are known as active speakers. Loudspeakers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes from small bookshelves that sit on stands to floorstanding speakers and even discreet custom install speakers.    

Audio sources

In order to get the best sound from a hi-fi system you need a good source. Hi-fi sources come in digital and analogue forms. Digital sources became popular from the advent of CD players and now include network players ideal for streaming your favourite tracks. Where as analogue sources such as record players offer a hands on experience that requires a little more system consideration.